A little bit of tooling and a simplified biker wallet (the one without the bikers :) )

Next to the first ever official custom order I am working on, I meddled a little bit with some tooling today. 

This will be a "promotional" surprise for a friend, whom I have known for a while through the vast expanses of Warcraft...

Getting my nerd on!!!

  1. Level leather working to 800...
  2. Down some obscure boss to obtain the pattern...(this will be me designing the thing...khmm)
  3. Roam the realms for the hard to obtain ingredients for the wallet
  4. Obtain "unobtainable" mounts on the way before even gathering part of the necessary mats
  5. Start on the making......

Alright, it didn't go down like this, but it could have!

Instead, this is what happened!

Design on paper cut-out....must be a thing left over from my childhood where I used to cut out paper clothing for dolls I had...smh 

When happy, cut out of leather! Eeeeek

Make sure everything fits alright!

Transfer teeny tiny design to scrap leather ( I do this whenever possible, specially if it is a new design, new method of tooling or figures) and spen some time getting friendly with the pattern....like so

While waiting for the right coloured acrylic paint, keep on tooling and practicing!


Aaaand just a little more....(and let me add, this is far from being done!!)

This is as far as we got today (yep, that includes eating some food, updating things on the website and writing blog). Will be back tomorrow or so, to keep you all in the "loop"!


Exactly how it works, right? 

I was going to follow up with a post on the progress of this piece, but came to a standstill without paints....*hurry up Angelus, bring me my paints* lol

So the pattern got tooled on the actual piece now, but painting will be done on the practice, as I don't usually paint! (I do not want to mess up the colouring....). 

In the light of this, I have started a couple of experiments, of which I will make a new post :P 

Will be returning soon, until then, let Neatsfoot oil do its magic and revitalize my tooled leather piece. 


 Braving the outcome of the practice piece, I completed cutting and tooling the actual wallet....I know! There is always something to learn, starting with patience lol....But I can tell you nothing better to teach you patience than watching glue dry! 

Anyhow, the cutting went pretty nice, and the tooling on the wallet came out nicer than I expected. 

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