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The making of the Swallows Bag...

Seeing we have no "photo dump" yet on the site, I thought it may be nice to supply some images of how the process may look for completing a bag, a card holder, a bracelet or anything else I may have in the progress of making. 

This will not be your usual blog-post with a ton of text, I would like to focus on short comments and the accompanying images to give you an idea how things go down...


1. Grab a large cup of tea, the plans on paper (with lots of teeny little notes that even I have a hard time reading!), construct paper and some scissors! You are good to go!

2. After making a paper version of pattern, checking it twice, I cut the pieces from leather I chose. For this bag it was 4oz and 2oz veg tanned leather. 


3. Before anything else, I traced the tooling patterns to the leather so I can complete the tooling before construction. (note one side is slightly darker, that is residue from the pencil and will have no effect at all on the outcome of the pattern later)

4. Pattern cut and partially tooled before construction (flash on the camera gives it an ugly glare...grrrrr)


5.Tooling now complete, including borders and wet-folding the bag into shape

6. Two- phase dye and antique complete (light brown oil dye and medium brown antique)

7. Assembling the pieces (this is the inside card holder and pen holder section)

8. Flap close up after antique

9. Assembly of bag pieces - pockets attached, connectors attached, sides attached and ready to be stitched after gluing.


This is naturally a shortened version of the processes, the process itself took about a week and a half. 

Some steps require setting time, such as the dye, antique, glue and finishes. 

The same attention to detail goes into every single product we make, no matter how small!


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