Meddling with patterns (almost sounds like a Hobbit adventure)

So, while working on customer orders and collaborations, I always try to create something new, something that challenges me in a new way. 

I try to take notes of the changes, the new ways to do things so I learn, and hopefully improve, every time I make something. 

For instance, this bag is new for multiple reasons:

  • single piece construction (well minus the pocket on the inside)
  • new copper rivets and burrs used
  • no existing pattern, so to follow my usual - I had to make one! 

Don't get me wrong, every item I make should be an improvement. Not because I am so terrible to start with, but I try to follow the rule that with every step I practice I get better. Either find new and improved ways of doing things or simply to practice things to have them become second nature. 

So here are a few pictures of the Montana bag (sounds extremely posh right? - Wrong! I am using montana veg tan leather, hence the name....Wait! I take it back. I named it because it IS so posh!)


After drawing up the pattern and being mostly satisfied with a paper mock-up, I took to the leather....This is still one of the scariest parts of constructing. To cut the leather.


Stitching the pocket piece on the back portion after slicking the edge to give a finished look. 


The finished stitch line....


The small details, because you want to get those done before assembling the bag. It is rather difficult to attached those little pieces when you have no room to maneuver  around...Yep, you guessed it right. Been there, done that, got the diploma on the wall about it...


Time to start assembling the bag. Wanted to get some progress photos of the rivets themselves, however, I proved to be too much of a weakling to cut the solid copper rivet stems alone....Got to wait for hubby...SMH

All in all, not bad progress for a day of experiments! 

Will follow up with the second half of the progress and finished bag!


A few days after this post, the bag actually got completed. As with everything else, the first product I make is usually a tester. I take it out for a "spin" so to speak, I abuse it, load it up with heavy stuff, carry it, use it like you would to make sure it stands up to my standards and it is good enough to be made. 

This bag I still carry every day, but made a few modifications on it to make it more sturdy, give it more body and more bling!

The completed bag is the new Mod-tana bag in store that is available right now. 


All these items are available as custom. I don't mass produce, everything is made for You. 


So here are some of the pics of the finished bag, and check out the Mod-tana, the evolved big sister :P

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