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Whovian shoulder bag WIP

It has been way too long, since I update the blog post for this site, so I believe I owe you all some updates.  It will be worth it, I promise! Since the last post, I have participated in my first vendor show here, in Seattle. It was a fantastic experience I will be repeating on a regular basis for sure. BUT for the meantime, I have been kept busy with a day job (yep, even us art people have a regular position somewhere we need to deal with lol) and filling up a notebook with some crazy ideas! One of them is to create a TARDIS. Yep, you read that right. I am making a portable TARDIS. If I...

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Meddling with patterns (almost sounds like a Hobbit adventure)

So, while working on customer orders and collaborations, I always try to create something new, something that challenges me in a new way.  I try to take notes of the changes, the new ways to do things so I learn, and hopefully improve, every time I make something.  For instance, this bag is new for multiple reasons: single piece construction (well minus the pocket on the inside) new copper rivets and burrs used no existing pattern, so to follow my usual - I had to make one!  Don't get me wrong, every item I make should be an improvement. Not because I am so terrible to start with, but I try to follow the rule that with every step I...

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