Whovian shoulder bag WIP

It has been way too long, since I update the blog post for this site, so I believe I owe you all some updates. 

It will be worth it, I promise!

Since the last post, I have participated in my first vendor show here, in Seattle. It was a fantastic experience I will be repeating on a regular basis for sure. BUT for the meantime, I have been kept busy with a day job (yep, even us art people have a regular position somewhere we need to deal with lol) and filling up a notebook with some crazy ideas! One of them is to create a TARDIS. Yep, you read that right. I am making a portable TARDIS. If I do my job, it will be bigger on the inside :P

It always starts with the design on paper. It goes......you guessed it......into the notebook. Then I start tweaking it, looking at measurements, form, size, etc. 

After I am content with it on a drawing, it becomes a paper product. I cut it out of paper, staple it or glue it together to make sure it all fits and looks exactly how I imagined. 

Once I am happy with the look, it gets transferred onto leather and off we go!

Pattern gets cut out, images to be tooled will get transferred on to it. After a proper casing, I cut the design into the leather with a swivel knife and then tool it. 

Deciding the best way to colour the piece is always a challenge, as not everything is a clear cut process. So I create templates with different processes to make sure I get the desired effect at the end. In this case, I decided on an all-over dye in navy blue, followed by acrylic paint by Angelus. After applying the paint, and the curing process, the piece gets a sealant to make sure all colours get to stay in place. 

This is where the process is currently. The sealant is applied and I am just waiting to put the pieces together for the main body. Then I will move onto the strap that is based on a guitar strap. 

Not giving that one away! Not yet :P


So you know what I am talking about, here are some of the photos I took of the processes. Enjoy and make sure to check back for the rest! 

Leather cut and image transfer begins

Connectors and letters forming

Tooling on flap

Main body design taking shape

Tooling under way

Bending the leather to my will!

Patch of surprise in Gallifreyan

All over colouring part 1

All over colouring part 2

Detail paint! Yaaaay

More detail

Stopping point to deal with pieces




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