Custom orders

Custom orders are available 


  • Branded42 items are mostly one-offs, which means they are unique items, not mass-produced! Due to the variances in leather and handmade nature, every piece made is different, even if they are the "same" in design and crafting method. 


  • If you see something you like but would like it made slightly different, would like to use a different colour, a different motif, let me know. 


  • I will work with you step-by-step to create a design you like (within the realms of possibilities of course).
    I respectfully ask that you do not abuse my time for a design that  you will not want (Yes, sadly, this had to be included here) - as of right now, I do not charge for this.


  • Please bear in mind, should the design require a complete re-drawing as a pattern and tooling, there will be a surcharge added to total costs. Time invested on my part = charge. The usual thing where people charge fees for services, you know.


  • Custom orders take time and depend on the size of project. I will not compromise on the quality of item created for "express" orders.
    We can address the time-frame when you make contact, and I get an idea of what you have in mind!


  • Time-frame depends on position of order in my workload, size of project, whether it requires a complete design from scratch and of course availability of leather, and supplies. (Your order will enter my production queue once we have a complete design.)


  • Shipping time of supplies and materials will be added to crafting time, as that is out of my control. 


Custom belt measurement image help (got to give credit to bobmacs for image :) )


Please don't be intimidated, I am very open to discussing any ideas you have and give you options / opinions.


Can't wait to hear your design ideas for something you can Love!

In the meantime, go ahead and scroll more to see some of the completed projects. 


Zita @ Branded42 Leatherworks


 Custom Built Drawstring Bucket Bag

Custom built drawstring bucket bag


Multi-compartment Zipper Bag

Large zipper bag with multiple compartments


Book Bag with Custom Flap Front Detail

Book Bag with custom flap design


Passport / Fieldnotes cover River Song 

Bifold Wallet with custom Gaming Front

Custom front bifold wallet


Bifold Wallet with custom Gaming Front

Bifold wallet with custom front


Slim Notebook Bag

Slim notebook bag


Hobo Bag with custom details

Hobo bag with custom details


Hobo Bag with custom details

Hobo Bag with custom details


Custom built Victorian style bracelet

Custom built laced bracelet

Hope these images have inspired you!