Red Italian leather satchel, shoulder bag, Supernatural inspired design

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Deep maroon / wine colored textured Italian leather gives this leather bag a very tactile finish.

Paired with memory foam stabilizer, the quilted patterns almost come alive.

This bag boasts of wonderful features:
- Free hand quilted Supernatural emblem
- Castiel's wings in a 3D cut-out ( drawn and cut all by hand) lovingly placed over a quilted background
- Hand cut wing stamps on the inside
- Warding handprint on inside of pocket
- A hidden ward inside an outside pocket.

If that is not enough, the zippers are high quality Riri zippers adorned with a wing zipper pull.

This is a loving tribute to the SPN family /fandom.

Size: 12 x 10 x 5.5

Complete with a non-adjustable 44 in strap.